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Special Effects in Events

1. Balloon Drop

It is a type of special effect in which a bag full of inflated balloons is suspended from the ceiling or truss and then at a particular moment it is opened to release hundreds of balloons. This type of special effect is generally used on the new year's eve, inauguration/ closing ceremony or during the celebration.


2. Fog Machine

This machine creates fog (thick mist) by vaporizing fog juice through a heater.


3. Haze Machine (or heater less fog machine)

This machine creates haze (mild mist) by atomizing fog juice. Since this method doesn't use a heater therefore there is no warm up time.


4. Dry Ice fog Machine

This machine creates low lying fog or the ground fog by immersing solid carbon dioxide (i.e. dry ice) in hot water or by immersing simple ice cubes in hot fog juice. Dry ice fog machine is generally used to cool the fog produced by other fog machines.


5. Colored Smoke

There are two ways of producing colored smoke:

1. By washing the smoke with colored lights.

2. By using the colored smoke cartridges. These cartridges can produce smoke in red, green, blue, yellow, orange etc colors and are available in 7 seconds or 30 seconds duration. The colored smoke produced by these cartridges is not pleasant
to breathe and can stain fabrics and materials in the vicinity.


6. Bubble Machine

This machine is used to produce bubbles. It can produce hundreds of bubbles per minute.


7. Snow Machine

This machine is used to produce evaporative or non evaporative snow flakes. Evaporative snow flakes evaporate in 30 seconds to 120 seconds. whereas non-evaporative snow flakes last for few days. The snow flakes produced by the snow machine must be bio-degradable, non toxic, environmental friendly and they should not leave any water stain. Size of the snow flakes can be adjusted i.e. we can have small, medium or large snow flakes.


8. Foam Machine

This machine is used to produce foam and is generally used in foam parties. Foam machine looks like the snow machine. Foam can damage anything that a regular water can. Therefore cover your walls with waterproof cloth and floor with plastic carpets when you are organizing a foam party.


9. Wind Machine

It is a large high powered fan and is used to create illusion of wind.



Gobo means pattern. It is a stainless steel or glass etched cutout which is placed inside a pattern projector to project desired pattern on walls, ceiling and floor.

Types of gobos

1. Stainless steel gobos

2. Glass gobos

3. Colored glass gobos

4. Commercially available gobos (.i.e. gobos available in the market)

5. Customized gobos (i.e. gobos made according to customers' specifications)


11. Pattern Projector (or ellipsoidal projector)

This projector is used to project patterns on the walls, ceiling and floor. It uses gobos for displaying patterns. These patterns can be a corporate logo, stars, graphics etc. For best result use this projector in a darkened area.


12. Holographic Projector

This projector is used to create a holographic image i.e. a three dimensional image without a projection surface.