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DJ Equipment for Event Planning

1. DJ Dance Floor

A DJ dance floor (also known as illuminated dance floor, LED dance floor or disco dance floor floor) is made up of fiber sheets or panels (tiles) which light up with different colours. The floor can display different lighting patterns which can be changed through a controller or according to dancers' movement, provided tiles have pressure sensors.

The dance floor size ranges from 12' X 12' to 28' X 28' or according to customer's requirements, type of dancing and room size. The number of panels used in a dance floor varies according to the size of the dance floor or the size of panels themselves. For e.g. a 9'X9' dance floor may require only 9 panels, whereas a 30'X30' may require 100 panels or more.

Generally, installation of a dance floor is included in the rental price but sometimes there can be additional fees for installation if it has to be done on an irregular or uneven surface.


2. Turntable

A turntable is a circular horizontal platform that rotates a phonograph record and is primarily used by Club DJs along with a mixer to manipulate sounds and create music through beat mixing (a DJ technique of mixing two tracks so that the beats of both tracks occur at the same time), scratching and beat juggling.


3. DJ Mixer

A DJ mixer is a type of audio mixer which is used to combine (two separate sound sources and play them as one), route and change the level and dynamics of audio signals. It is one of the key equipments of a DJ and is generally used along with turntables.


4. DJ Headphone

This equipment is used to hear a track while mixing.

5. DJ turntable stand

DJ Stand or Turntable stand is used to keep DJ equipments like turntables and mixers.


6. Groove Box (Music Workstation)

Groovebox (or Music Workstation) is a synthesizer cum sequencer which is used to do sampling, producing loop based electronic music or for integrating audio and video in a performance. The main advantage of using Groovebox is that you don't need to know piano/keyboard in order to use it.


7. Sampler

This equipment is used to play pre-programmed samples. A sampler is DJ equipment which generates sounds from samples of sounds added by a user.


8. Beat Counter

Beat Counter is used to count number of beats per minute of a track. Majority of mixers have beat counters.


9. Beat Machine

A beat machine is a piece of electronic equipment that creates sounds, patterns and beats incluing drums and other instruments.


10. DJ Case (Coffin)

dj case

Fig. DJ Coffin (It is used for carrying DJ equipments.)


Famous DJ Brands:

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