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Image Copyright teammerlin 1. Signage

Signs collectively are know as the Signage.


2. Sign (or sign board)

It can be a metallic board or LED display board which is used to display information.


3. LED Display

Also know as LED screen, LED display board and LED panel. LED panels are used in:

1. Bus Station to display information about the bus timings (arrival and departure time), routes names etc.

2. Railway Stations to display information about the trains (train number, train name, arrival and departure time etc.)

3. Airports to display flight information like flight number, arrival and departure time, flight status, origin, destination etc.

4. LED Panels are used to display current time and temperature.

5. They are used for commercial advertising like LED Signage.

6. LED panels are used in restaurant, clinics and hospitals to display token information.

7. They are extensively used in stock market to display market information, shares' rates, exchange rates etc

8. They are used as score boards in sports events. They are also used in conferences, fashion shows, concerts and other live shows to show the close up video images of the speakers, performers or programs on the stage to the far silted audience.


4. Mobile LED Display

It is a self contained unit in the sense that it does not require any external power supply, truss or technicians for its set up. It can be easily moved anywhere through a vehicle (like car). The LED screen can turn around 360 degree. It works well in direct sunlight also. Resolution of LED display is measured in 'mm' like 3mm, 6mm, 22 mm etc.


5. Electronic Signage

1. Visual Display Signage

2. Plasma Screen

3. LCD (liquid crystal display) Screen

4. LED (light emitting diode) Screen

5. Projection Screen

6. Video Wall
It is wall of several video screens (like CRT monitors, LCD monitors etc) which are placed on top of each other and side by side. Each video screen displays only a section of the whole image.


6. Projector

It is a device which is used to display data and image on a screen usually projection screen. Four most commonly used projectors are:

1. LCD Projectors

2. Slide Projectors

3. OHP (overhead projector)

4. Film Projector

Note: Now a days LCD projectors are used in place of slide and OHP projectors.


7. Flex

It is a flexible insulated wire.


8. Scroller

It is a moving display unit. Scrollers are available in different sizes also.


9. Canopy

It is a roof like projection


10. Kiosk

It is a light open structure, generally used to sell newspapers, food etc.


11. Backlit

illuminated from behind


12. Front lit

illuminated from front


13. Types of hoardings

1. Front lit Hoarding

2. Backlit hoarding

3. Painted hoarding

4. Poster hoarding
It is that hoarding on which a poster is pasted.

5. Hoarding with single sided visibility

6. Hoarding with double sided visibility

7. Mono pole
It is a outdoor promotional material which has double sided visibility with front lit or backlit option. A mono pole can be from 15 feet to 40 feet high.

8. Unipole

9. Tri-Vision
It is a hoarding which displays three images one after the other, after a certain time interval. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. A tri-vision can be from 5' X 5' to 10' X 10' in size.

10. Billboard
Very large hoarding is known as the billboard. There are two types of billboard:

Scrolling message billboard

Mobile billboard
billboard which is moved from place to place through a truck.