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Steps Involved in Producing an Event

Step 1: Do event analysis.

Step 2: Prepare an event plan.

Step 3: Exhaustively test market your event plan
Discuss your event plan with other people to know there opinions and suggestions.

Step 4: Get organizers, sponsors, partners and clients for your event.

Step 5: Prepare an event calendar.
An event calendar is an ordered list of activities which are needed to be executed in order to produce and market the event. These activities are of three types: pre-event, at-event and post-event activities.


Steps involved in preparing an event calendar

Step 1: Create a list of pre-event, at-event and post event activities.

Step 2: Set deadlines for each event activity.

Step 3: Assign event activities to individual team members.


Note: For large scale events, you will have to prepare a separate event calendar for each field of event production.


Various fields of event production:

Event Team Management

Stress Management and Events

Risk Management

Information Management

Event Security Management

Procurement Management

Logistic Management

Infrastructure Management

Technical Management

Program Management

Food and Beverages Management

Attendees Management

Quality Management

Marketing Management

Finance Management

Human Resource Management

General Management