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Pyrotechnics for Event Planning

1. Pyrotechnics

It is the art of making and displaying fireworks.


2. Confetti

Small bits of paper usually launched during a special moment in an event. Confetti can be white or multi colored.


3. Flutter fetti

It is a type of confetti that remains suspended in the air 5 to 10 times longer than the traditional confetti.


4. Streamer

It is a long narrow ribbon of paper.


5. Types of Pyrotechnics

Indoor Pyrotechnics

Launchers (or cannons)
These device are used to launch confetti, flutter fetti, streamers and glitters into the air. Some launchers can create sound effects also.

* Electronic Launchers
These launchers use electricity or battery to launch confetti, streamers and glitters into the air. There are two type of electronic launchers:

Disposable electronic launchers
As the name suggest, these launchers can be used only once.

Non disposable electronic launchers
These launchers can be used again and again and can be mounted on the floor or on the ceiling.

* Hand held Launchers
These launchers launch confetti, streamers and glitters without using battery or electricity. There are two type of hand held launchers:

Disposable hand held launchers
These launchers can be use only once, are generally pre-loaded with confetti, streamers and glitters and are generally triggered by just flicking the wrist.

Non disposable hand held launchers
These launchers can be used to produce up to 12 shots and are generally triggered by pushing down a lever.

Outdoor Pyrotechnics

Aerial Pyrotechnics
These pyrotechnics effects can go up to 2000 feet in the air. Here is a list of some famous aerial pyrotechnics effects:

* Brocade crown
* Chrysanthemum
* Multiple shots
* Roman Candles
* Comets
* Mines

Stage Pyrotechnics

These pyrotechnics are used on stage. It can be both indoor and outdoor. For e.g.

. * Flash Pot
It is a firework which produces flash followed by small amount of smoke. It is generally used to give the appearance of a ghost or a genie or some magical moment. Fire ball is a type of flash pot effect.

* Flame Shooter
This firework shoots a ball of fire (up to 10 feet in the air) without producing smoke.

* Flash Portal
This firework produces a wide wall (2 feet wide) of fire.

* Rockets

* Body fire

* Gerbs / Fountain
It is a firework which produces upward shower of sparks. This effect is known as the fountain effect.

* Waterfall
When the gerb is suspended upside down (usually from a ceiling or truss) then it produces the waterfall effect.

* Airburst
This firework emits bright silver sparks effect and is either suspended from the ceiling or from the truss.

Note: All stage pyrotechnics except body fire use battery or a low voltage source for ignition.


6. Pyro Music (or firework music)

It is a music which is played during the firework display. This music can be a live music or a recorded music (like a sound track). The music used for the firework display must be very popular, so that your audience do not distract from the firework display. The music must synchronies with the firework display. For this, firework music choreographers are employed.


7.Some famous pyrotechnic organization

1. American Pyrotechnics Association (APA)

2. Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI)

3. British pyrotechnics Society (BPS)

4. International Pyrotechnics Society.