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Security Management in Events

Image Copyright pinkfloyd Security Management includes formulating, preparing and implementing security plans and strategies for events i.e. how to protect delegates, guests, service, providers, organizes, sponsors, partners, clients, target, audience, media people goods and merchandise and yourself from unforeseen circumstances like:


1. Fire

In case of fire at the event venue, use fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. In the mean time take everyone out of the venue safely. Develop a separate emergency exit plan for this. If fire is uncontrollable then call the fire brigade.

Follow fire code and safety regulations to prevent the fire as specified below:

1. Don't place any combustible or inflammable material in the venue esp. near green rooms, guest rooms or seating area.

2. All materials including prop must be properly treated with fire retardant solution.

3. Make sure that the entrance and exit ways are not blocked by any material or by any means.

4. Make sure that the event venue must have separate entrance and exit ways, fire alarm system and fire extinguishers.

5. Use only those electrical equipments which are branded and which use three core wires.

6. At least one doctor with first aid box along with the ambulance must be there at the venue to handle medical emergency.

7. Your staff must be well trained about giving first aid like CPR and must be able to handle fire extinguishers and crowd in case of fire.


2. Power Failure

If you are organizing event at a place where power failure is common, then you should have adequate power backup.

In case of a power failure, switch on the emergency lights and then turned on the generators. If you have UPS (uninterrupted power supply) system, then it is the best. If you cant arrange such types of power backups, then at least you should have torch or candles.

Create a separate emergency plan to handle crowd and guests in case of a power failure.


3. Equipment Failure

Use equipments of only reputed brands so that the possibility of their failure is least.

Hire only those light and sound technicians who know how to fix up their equipments in case of any problem and who carry backup equipments also.

Create a separate emergency plan to manage programs and performers in case of a power failure.


4. Medical Emergency

A paramedical team along with ambulance must be present at the event venue. If this is out of budget, then at least a doctor with first aid box must be present.

Your whole event team must be well trained in giving first aid like check for breathing, CPR, controlling bleeding, effecting a prompt rescue.

If possible try to know the medical history of your guests in advance and then prepare your medical emergency plan accordingly. For e.g. if a guest is allergic to grass and weed pollens, then you should make sure that he doesn't sit near grass.


5. Brawl/Stampede


6. Bad Weather


7. Last Minute Turn Down


8. Sponsorship Withdrawal