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Top Event Management Companies in India

1) 360 degrees
(Launch events, Conferences & Seminars, Conventions, Trade (B2B) Events , TV Events, Film Entertainment & Award Nights , Press Events , Brand Promotions , Sales Promotions, Consumer Promotions , Retail Promotions , Rural Promotions , Road shows)


2) Percept D Mark
(Celebrity management, Stage shows, Fashion shows, Wedding management, Conferences, brand promotion, Product launches, Mrs. India World, Mrs. world pea gent, Golf Event Management. Provides complete movie and entertainment related solutions to film production houses and corporates.)


3) Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd
(High profile events, entertainment, sports, wedding, Film Awards, Artist Concerts, TV Events, Exhibitions, Productions, Response management, Contact management, Consumer Insight, Retail Visibility, Promotions, Lead Generations etc)


4) DNA Networks Pvt Ltd.
(international and domestic concerts, event production, Creative integration of sponsor branding, Production of television specials, Co-ordinate advertising, publicity and public relation 
activity for events, Design, development and manufacture of quality merchandising)


5) Cineyug Entertainment


6) Cox and King
(Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions)


7) Sita Conferences
(International Conferences and Exhibitions)


8) E-Factor
(Weddings, Concerts, International Conferences, Seminars, Television Based Events, Exhibitions, special occasions, corporate events, Road Shows)


9) Sercon
(Exhibitions, Conventions, Conferences, seminars, Golf Events, Hospitality Events, Road Shows, Brand Promotion, Product launches, Incentives. Special Event: Swarn Sambandh)


10) Tafcon Group
(Trade fair and conference organizers. Development of publicity & promotional activities. Marketing Trade Fairs organized by other Agencies.)

11) TCI Consultancy Services and 'e' Events
(conferences, Exhibitions, Seminars, Workshops, Incentives, charters, Delegations, Indian Tours.)

12) Fountainhead


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