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DJ Lighting for Event Planning

1. Incandescent Lamp
It is the light bulb which we usually use in our homes.

2. Halogen Lamp
It is a type of incandescent lamp. However it emits whiter light, last longer and cost more than the traditional incandescent lamp.

3. Lighting Fixture
It is the lighting unit which comprises of a lamp, a lamp housing and some type of clamp to attach it to a mounting structure.

4. Gel
It is a color filter which is used to change the color of a projected light.

5. Dimmer
It is a device which is used to control the intensity of lighting fixtures. Most of the dimmers are computer driven.

6. Cue (light Cue)
It is a signal given by a controller to a lighting fixture to perform certain actions like:

* Decrease the intensity of light
* Move the light beams in a particular direction
* Chase the lights
* Blackout etc

7. Controller
Any device which can control the functions of lighting fixture, dimmers, rope lights, strobe lights, PAR CAN, Pin Spots, Smoke machine etc from a remote location is a controller.

8. Intelligent Light
Any lighting fixture whose functions can be controlled from a remote location is an Intelligent Light.

9. Stand Lighting

10. LED Curtain
There are two types of LED Curtains.

1. White LED Curtain
It has only white LED lights

2. Multi-colored LED Curtain.
It has red, green, blue and yellow LED lights on it.

11. Light Stand or Truss

12. Clamp
It is a device for holding things together.

13. Mirror Ball
This ball is used to create a dazzling effect of light and movement. This dazzling effect is crated by rotating the ball through Mirror Ball Motor and focusing a narrow beam light on it.

14. Blacklight
This equipment produces ultra violet light that makes luminescent (emitting light without heat) materials glow in the dark.

15. Beacons
Beacons are just like the lights which are used on the roof of the ambulance, police vehicle etc. They are used to create police light effect.

16. Pin spot
This lighting fixture is used to produce spot light. Spot light is a beam of light directed on small area.

17. Rope light (or Chase light)
It is a rope which illuminates when powered on.

18. Centerpiece Lights
These lighting fixtures are used to create centerpiece effects. Centerpiece effects are type of special effects like moonflower effect, strobe ball lighting effect, star ball lighting effect, flowing water effect, Flame effect. A center piece light can have 1 to 6 heads. Heads are also known as wheels. Each head has many lenses or lamps. Each lamp produces a light beam. Each head can shoot 15-180 multi-colored beams. A beam can rotate (or spin), can crisscross or move back and forth. We can have static, rotating or sound active (light beams move according to the beats of the music) centerpiece lights.

19. Helicopter
This lighting fixture is use to produce center piece effect. It can be mounted on the floor or on the ceiling and rotates 360 degree.

20. Flood light
It is a lighting fixture which produces broad field of light. A flood light can uniformly illuminate an area.

21. Follow Spot
It is a manually operated lighting fixture which is used to follow performers as they move on a stage. Like pin spot, follow spot also produces a spot light.

22. Strobe Light
It is a lighting fixture that turns on and off quickly. For e.g. a strobe light can produce 1 to 15 flashes per second. Both chase lights and strobe lights may cause discomfort or even injury to guests with disabilities such as hearing loss or epilepsy. Therefore when using these lighting fixtures, tell your audience in advance that you are using strobe lights and chase lights.

It is a lighting fixture which comprises of a Parabolic Aluminized Reflector lamp. It size ranges from PAR 36 to PAR 64.

24. Oscillator (Rotating light)
It is a lighting fixture that moves back and forth 90 degree, then automatically reverses and then again move back and forth 90 degree. It creates a search light effect.

25. Laser
It is a device which produces strong and flat beams of light. It is used to create 2D or 3D geometric patterns and other special effects like laser tunnel, ascending or descending laser sky, scanning effects, rolling effects etc. Majority of lasers are either red or green in color. Majority of laser devices produce lasers of only one color either red or green. But some laser devices are 2-color or 3-color i.e. they can produce lasers of 2 or 3 colors. For e.g.: 2 color laser device can produce lasers in both red and green color. Similarly 3 color laser device can produce lasers in red, green and yellow color.

26. Flash Tube
It is a type of strobe light which produces 140 flashes per minute. It can be used both Indoor and outdoor. It creates a dynamic strobe effect when used in multiples.

27. DJ Scan
It is a type of pattern projector which uses color and gobo wheels.