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People Involved in Sponsoring an Event

Image Copyright svilen001 following people are involved in supporting an event:

  • - Organizers
  • - Sponsors
  • - Partners
  • - Clients
  • - Supporting Agencies

These people can either be an individual or a company. They either finance the whole event or some of its part or provide some service either at subsidized rate or for free.



An Organizer finances maximum amount of money in an event. Therefore he has maximum control over the event. Among sponsors, principal sponsor finances maximum amount of money. Depending on the amount of money financed, a sponsor can be a principal sponsor, co-sponsor or associate sponsor.



Similarly, depending on the type of service financed, a sponsor can be: a venue sponsor, gift sponsor, crown and jewellery sponsor, catering sponsor, badge sponsor, banner sponsor etc.



Partners generally provide services either at subsidized rate or for free like media partners (which provide ad space), promotional partners (which do publicity), logistic partners (which move goods and merchandise from one destination to the other in the most efficient manner).

Media partners can be: a newspaper partner, magazine partner, TV partner, Radio partner, Phone partner, Online partner or Outdoor partner. Any college, institute or publication can become: a knowledge partner, Research Partner, Scholistic partner, Holistic partner or Academic Partner to support an event.


Supporting Agencies

Supporting Agencies (either goverment or private) can also support an event by either financing the event or donating some service.