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Wedding Tent House Selection Tips

Before booking a Tent House ask following questions from the tent house manager: 


Q1) What is the name and address of the tent house? 


Q2) What is the name and phone no of my contact person? 


Q3) What dates and time are available in the particular month (like December)? 


Q4) What is the maximum number of guest your tent can accommodate? 


Q5) What is your style and price range of tents (like Swiss cottage tents, Kanat ornamental tents) and other tent house items (like furniture, Carpets, Shamiana, lighting arrangement, canopies, sidewalls, parda, Round pandal etc)? 


Q6) Do you also provide power backup (like generators), fire extinguishers, Waterproofing facilities. 


Q7) How much time will be allotted for engagement and Wedding ceremonies? 


Q8) How many years have you been in business? 


Q9) What is your fee and how you charge? 


Q10) What special offers are available? 


Q11) What are your payment and cancellation policies?