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How to Select a Wedding Venue

Select a venue according to the budget and preferences of bride, groom and there parents. Ask following questions from the venue manager before booking a venue: 

Q1) What is the name and address of the marriage venue? 

Q2) What is the name and phone no of my contact person? 

Q3) What dates and time are available in the particular month (like December)? 

Q4) What is the maximum number of guest allowed? 

Q5) What is your ratio of servers to guest? 

Q6) How much time will be allotted for engagement, Wedding and reception? 

Q7) What music restrictions are there, if any? 

Q8) What alcohol restrictions are there, if any? 

Q9) What room and table decorations are available? 

Q10) Is a changing room available?

Q11) Do you have power backup (like generators), fire extinguishers, Fire alarm system, burglar alarms system, CCTV etc. 

Q12) Are outside caterers allowed? 

Q13) Are kitchen facilities available for outside caterers? 

Q14) How much parking space is available? 

Q15) Are you licensed to serve alcohol? 

Q16) How many years have you been in business? 

Q17) How do your servers dress for ceremonies? 

Q18) Is a pundit available and at what cost? 

Q19) Is outside pundit allowed? 

Q20) Are any musical instruments available for use? If so, what is the fee? 

Q21) What photography and videography restrictions are there, if any? 

Q22) Are candlelight ceremonies allowed? 

Q23) What floral decorations are available? 

Q24) What rental items are necessary? 

Q25) What is the venue fee? 

Q26) What is the price range for a seated/buffet lunch? 

Q27) What is the price range for a seated/buffet dinner? 

Q28) What is the corkage fee? 

Q29) Is dance floor included in the venue fee? 

Q30) Are tables, chairs and linens included in the venue fee?

Q31) What special offers are available? 

Q32) What is the cost for parking, if any? 

Q33) What is the cost of sleeping rooms, if available? 

Q34) What are your payment and cancellation policies? 

Q35) Do you accept credit cards? 

Q36) What is your bartending fee? 

Q37) Give me the name and phone number of the person who hired you recently for engagement/wedding ceremony? (to ask how was their services and arrangements in the engagement/wedding)