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Wedding Photographer Selection

Before hiring a photographer ask following questions from him: 

Q1) What is your name, address and phone number? 

Q2) Are you a qualified photographer? If yes, show your certificate / degree/ diploma? 

Q3) How many years of experience do you have as a photographer? 

Q4) Approx how many engagements/wedding ceremonies have you photographed? 

Q5) Do you have any proofs of your work? If yes, show them? 

Q6) How do you typically dress for a wedding? 

Q7) Do you have a professional studio? 

Q8) Do you bring backup equipments with you to wedding/engagement? 

Q9) Can you take studio portraits? 

Q10) Can you retouch negatives? 

Q11) When will I get the album? 

Q12) What is your fee and how you charge? 

Q13) What are your payment and cancellation policies? 

Q14) Give me the name and phone number of the person who hired you recently for engagement/wedding ceremony? (to ask how was his work in the Engagement/wedding).