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How to Select a Wedding Makeup Artist

Choose a beautician who is expert in bridal makeup and then ask following questions from her before hiring her: 


Q1) What is your name, address and phone number? 


Q2) Are you a qualified beautician? If yes, then show your certificate/diploma/ Degree? 


Q3) How many years of experience do you have as a bridal makeup artist? 


Q4) Approx in how many engagements/wedding ceremonies do you have worked? 


Q5) Do you have any proof of your work? If yes, show them. 


Q6) Do you have your own parlor? 


Q7) Are you specialized in: 

i) Hairdressing 

ii) Manicure 

iii) Pedicure 

iv) Facial 


Q8) What is your fee and how you charge? 


Q9) What is your payment and cancellation policy?