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Wedding Logistics

1) Florist 

2) Floral theme 

3) Flowers 

4) Decorator 

5) Venue (marriage hall, banquet hall, marriage garden, ground, park, home, hotel, resort) 

6) Caterer 

7) Food items, sweets, beverages, crockery, special dishes 

8) Musicians

9) Bride and groom's album, extra prints, negatives, Photographer, camera 

10) Videographer, video album (usually cassette / CD) with title and photo montage, extra copies of video album

11) Accommodation (like hotel, guest house, resort) and transportation (like rented cars, taxies, buses) for outstation guests. 

12) Rented items like tent, wedding furniture, lighting and sound systems Etc. 

13) Gifts (given to the groom and his family members). 

14) Wedding consultant 

15) Priest (for performing religious rites)


16) Bride and groom's dresses for engagement, wedding and Reception ceremonies 

17) Boutique 

18) Bridal Jewellery 

19) Trousseau 

20) Hairdresser, Makeup artist, manicurist, pedicurist, facial expert 

21) Crackers (for fireworks display) 

22) DJs / DJ floor 

23) Professional / Pop singers 

24) Security personals 

25) Registrar (for issuing marriage certificate) 

26) Mehendi artist 

27) Engagement rings (for both bride and groom) 

28) wedding garland

29) Petal tossing girls 

30) Bride, groom and their relatives and friends 

31) Wedding Band

32) Wedding car decorator 

33) Wedding car driver