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How to Select a Wedding Caterer

Before selecting a caterer ask following questions from bride, groom and there parents:

 Q1) What type of food, dishes, sweets and beverages should be served in engagement, wedding and reception ceremonies?

Give them a menu to select food, dishes, sweets and Beverages for breakfast, luncheon, supper and dinner in various Ceremonies. 


Q2) How the food should be served Buffet style or as a sit-down meal in various ceremonies (engagement, Tilak, ladies Sangeet, wedding and reception). 


Q3) Do they want any specialty in their luncheon/dinner? 

Q4) Do they want alcohol to be served? If yes, then of what type? 

Q5) Would they like to have separate stalls for vegetarian food and dishes? (in case non-vegetarian food is to be served) 


Before booking a catering service ask following questions from a caterer: 

Q1) What is the name and address of your catering agency? 

Q2) What is the name and address of my contact person? 

Q3) What dates and times are available? 

Q4) What are the maximum number of guests you can serve? 

Q5) What is your food items range? 

Q6) What is your ratio of servers to guest? 

Q7) Are you licensed to serve alcohol? 

Q8) How many years have you been in business? 

Q9) How do your servers dress for ceremonies? 

Q10) What is your specialty? 


Q11) Do you have refrigeration and heating equipments? 

Q12) What is your cost per food item? 

Q13) What is your cost per person? 

Q14) What is your price range for a seated/buffet lunch? 

Q15) What is your price range for a seated/buffet dinner? 

Q16) What is your corkage fee? 

Q17) What special offers are available? 

Q18) What are your payment and cancellation policies? 

Q19) Do you accept credit cards? 

Q20) How many cooks, servers and bartenders do you have? 

Note: Make sure your caterer has adequate staff of cooks, servers and bartenders. 

Q21) What is your bartending and bar set up fees? 

Q22) Give me the name and phone number of the person who hired you recently for engagement/wedding ceremony? (to ask how was their services, food and arrangements in the engagement/wedding).