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How to Select a Wedding Boutique

Before hiring services of a boutique ask following questions from a boutique manager/designer: 

Q1) What is the name, address and phone number of the boutique? 

Q2) What is the name and phone no of my contact person? 

Q3) Do you have qualified dress designers? If yes, then give proof? 

Q4) Do you design outfits for bride, groom and there parents for engagement Wedding and reception ceremonies? 

Q5) Approx for how many engagement/wedding ceremonies do you have designed Clothes? 

Q6) Do you have any proof of your work? If yes, show them. 

Q7) What is your design and style range? 

Q8) Can you imitate the designs of wedding attires worn by actresses/models In Hollywood films/fashion shows? 

Q9) Do you offer any discounts? 

Q10) What is your fee and how you charge? 

Q11) Do you give wedding attire on rent? If yes, what is the rental fee? 

Q12) What you charge for alterations in a dress? 

Q13) What is your payment and cancellation policy? 

Q14) Do you sell bride and groom's shoes? If yes, then what ranges?